How Art and Media Help During the Grieving Process

Those in Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton know that after losing a loved one, the pain and sorrow can be overwhelming. You might feel like there are no solutions; no ways to help ease the pain you feel. Our caring staff at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services understands that coping with the death of a loved one is no easy task. While everyone grieves in different ways and on different timelines, there are coping mechanisms that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help manage your grief.

Art – in whatever form that looks like for you – can be incredibly helpful for improving your mental health, especially following a difficult experience such as the death of a loved one. Some art forms include music, podcasts, videos, or artwork in the traditional sense. Our team has gathered some suggestions for how to use art to help your grieving process:


Whether you enjoy creating music or listening to it, enjoying music can be beneficial for your grieving process. Maybe you want to write a song about your experiences and emotions, or to honor your loved one. If you prefer listening to music rather than creating it, you can find songs that help put words to your feelings. Sometimes it can be freeing to listen to sad, slow songs to let yourself feel your grief. We encourage you to also take time to listen to happy, upbeat music that can help give you the pick-me-up you might need to keep going.


Sometimes, listening to other people talk about what you are going through can serve as a reminder that you’re not alone in your pain. There are seemingly limitless numbers of podcasts dedicated specifically to grief and coping with the loss of a loved one. You can also listen to audiobook versions of self-help books – or listen to your favorite book from when you were a child to remind yourself of joyful memories.


If you’re looking for something a bit more engaging, you can explore the world of videos. Head to YouTube to watch TED talks or informational videos about the grieving process. If you are looking for a show to give your mind a break, you might consider watching the latest bingeworthy series on Netflix or your favorite childhood movie. Remember, there is no shame in finding ways to cope as you heal.


Similar to music, artwork can be either a creative or visual event. Perhaps going to your local museum or art gallery would help to remind you of the beauty in the world. If you are a more creative-minded person, maybe it’s time to head to the store and pick up some art supplies. Paint a picture to showcase your current feelings or paint a picture to showcase how you hope to feel one day. You could make a scrapbook filled with memories of your loved one or start working on a coloring book to help you escape for a moment.

Every person is unique, and as a result, every person’s grieving process will also be unique. Feel free to try some or all of these methods – there is no right or wrong way to cope with your grief. If none of these methods work for you, that is okay too. Here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services, we want to help you in any way we can. You can access our grieving resources on our website anytime or contact us for further support.