3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Funeral


For most people, planning a funeral is an unfamiliar process. It’s important to select a funeral home that offers the service and pricing that fit your family’s beliefs, values, and budget.

The most common mistake people make when planning a funeral is waiting to get started. Many people delay preplanning because they think they are too young and healthy; however, the best time to preplan is when everyone is well. By planning ahead, you can give the process time and attention and then go on enjoying life.

Don’t make the decision solely on price. While it is important to stay within a predetermined budget, one must consider the trustworthiness of the funeral home, the quality of the facilities, what’s included, and the experience of the staff. You may receive a much more satisfying experience for only a few dollars more.

Another common mistake is price comparing without knowing what’s included. If two caskets have the same name, it does not mean they are the same level of quality. Furthermore, just because one firm has a lower service charge, does not mean it is the less expensive option, as they may charge more for the casket and other merchandise.

These are just three of the Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Funeral Planning. For the other seven, contact us 317-632-9431 for a free brochure or stop in and see us.

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