• Reconnecting through Facebook
    Posted: 07/19/2016

    Facebook has changed the world. In seconds you can find a long lost friend or loved one and see his or her relationship status, profession, or new look. Facebook makes it easy to stay up to date with each other’s lives and helps relationships survive the test of time and long distance. When a loved… Read more »

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  • Proud to Fly the Flag
    Posted: 06/20/2016

    As we have young men and women fighting for freedom overseas, the words “You’re a grand ole’ flag, you’re a high flying flag” have never rung so true. As Americans, we can be proud of what our country stands for, proud of the accomplishments our countrymen have achieved, proud of the brave men and women… Read more »

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  • Coping With The Death Of A Child
    Posted: 05/03/2016

    The parent-child relationship is physically, socially, and psychologically unique from all other human relationships, and no parent ever wants to think about that relationship ending with the death of their child.  However, parents all over the world lose children each and every day, and they must find a way not only to cope, but to… Read more »

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  • Weddings and funerals: unique celebrations of love and life
    Posted: 04/19/2016

    If you think that traditional funeral services have to be solemn and, to some extent, cookie-cutter, you may want to reconsider.  In much the same way that a wedding is a grand celebration of holy matrimony, a funeral can be a memorable celebration of your loved one’s life.  Whether it is an intimate gathering of… Read more »

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  • Stop Promising Yourself, Start Doing
    Posted: 04/13/2016

    Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language, travel to Europe or ride a camel? In life, it is so difficult to take the first step but always so rewarding. We go through life wanting to see it all and unless you make moves to realize those desires, they will never be. It is… Read more »

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  • Losing a Love One to Suicide
    Posted: 04/04/2016

    Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life.  However, when the death is the result of a suicide, those left behind may face a unique challenge in coping and healing. With this in mind, it is important for those who have experienced a loss from suicide to… Read more »

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  • We are here for you, even after the service
    Posted: 03/28/2016

    There is never a time when customer service matters more than when you are planning a funeral. You are coping with a devastating loss and want to be surrounded by people who are empathetic, understanding and willing to help. Losing a loved one is not only emotionally difficult, but it takes a great deal of… Read more »

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  • Sleep? Too much or not enough?
    Posted: 03/02/2016

      How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect your health, weight, and energy. Sleep deprivation can cause memory loss, depression, a damaged immune system, or increased observation of pain. However, too much sleep can also be detrimental, making you feel tired and groggy throughout the… Read more »

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  • Personal Barriers to Caring for Oneself as a Caregiver
    Posted: 02/16/2016

    What’s the first rule in an emergency on a plane?  Put on your oxygen mask before you assist anyone else.  Caring for yourself is one of the most important—and one of the most often forgotten—things you can do as a caregiver. When your needs are taken care of, the person you care for will benefit,… Read more »

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  • The Importance of Family Portraits
    Posted: 02/08/2016

    When we were younger, our mothers made sure we had a picture of everything: our first step, our first day of school, our first date, our baseball team winning 1st place, our graduation. Our accomplishments and memories were well documented. But as we age and our own kids have flown the nest, life takes over… Read more »

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