• Importance Expressing Condolences Online
    Posted: 11/23/2015

    Online condolences can be very comforting during your time of loss. Instead of friends and family merely reading about the death of a love one in the newspaper, online condolences allows you to write kind words, share memories, view pictures and even a video honoring your loved one’s life.   Many of us are moving… Read more »

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  • How to Help a Friend Through the Grieving Process
    Posted: 12/02/2014

    A grieving friend needs someone to walk by his or her side through the process. You can help by not trying to heal or fix the situation; this is a time when listening means the most. Most people are there to lend a hand right after the death has occurred, so your support will mean… Read more »

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  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Funeral
    Posted: 11/17/2014

    For most people, planning a funeral is an unfamiliar process. It’s important to select a funeral home that offers the service and pricing that fit your family’s beliefs, values, and budget. The most common mistake people make when planning a funeral is waiting to get started. Many people delay preplanning because they think they are… Read more »

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  • Personalization
    Posted: 05/29/2013

    It’s okay to bury Charlie in his bowling shirt. Telling the story of a life. It’s possible that some people still think there are some things you can do at a funeral, and some things that just might not be “appropriate.” Certainly, a funeral service is a quiet, dignified time for families and friends to… Read more »

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