• 4 Tips for Sorting Through a Loved One’s Belongings After Death
    Posted: 08/13/2020

    Families who come to St. Pierre Family Funeral from all around Greenwood, Indianapolis, Wilkinson, and Anderson often tell us that one of the most heartbreaking moments of losing a loved one is returning to an empty home filled with memories – and possessions. Organizing items that have been collected over the decades is a daunting… Read more »

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  • When Final Wishes Clash Within Families
    Posted: 07/16/2020

    Throughout our decades of funeral service experience at St. Pierre Family Funeral, our caring team has been asked many times by families in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Pendleton, Anderson, and North Salem what it’s like to be in funeral service, and whether our work is somehow depressing and morbid. While it is true that the work we do… Read more »

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  • The Many Ways We Create Meaningful Cremation Services
    Posted: 07/16/2020

    Fifty years ago, only a tiny fraction of Americans – 3.6% – chose cremation. Now, that number hovers right around 50% and is increasing rapidly every year. St. Pierre Family Funeral has been serving Indianapolis and Greenwood-area families for more than 120 years, and our staff has certainly noticed more families choosing cremation over that time. We’ve… Read more »

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  • Should We Plan a Visitation?
    Posted: 06/15/2020

    St. Pierre Family Funeral Home and Cremation Service has been part of Greenwood and Indianapolis for over 120 years, serving area families for generations. When our staff sits down with a family to plan a funeral , there are many decisions that need to be made. One topic of discussion is whether to hold a… Read more »

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  • When your Family Needs Help, Trust Our Family
    Posted: 06/09/2020

    “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces,” said Spanish philosopher George Santayana. It may sound like a cliché, but for good reason: Family is important. No matter what your family looks like—big or small, from the same genetic tree or related by choice—these are the people who share the highs and lows of life with… Read more »

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  • Our Top 5 Recommended Foods for a Funeral Reception
    Posted: 05/18/2020

    Getting together after a funeral to share stories and a meal is a special tradition for many families in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Anderson, and Pendleton. Here at St. Pierre Family Funeral Home and Cremation Service, we always say that every person is unique and needs to be celebrated – and a reception does exactly that. It’s… Read more »

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  • 5 Ways to Honor Your Loved One in the Years After Their Death
    Posted: 05/07/2020

    In talking to Indianapolis families over the years, many have described how grief has a tendency to “sneak in” after losing a loved one. Our staff at St. Pierre Family Funeral Home and Cremation Service can relate. Something as simple as hearing a particular song on the radio or coming across a memento from the… Read more »

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  • Our Advice on Talking to Kids About COVID-19
    Posted: 04/16/2020

    Our St. Pierre Family Funeral staff has 123 years of experience walking through difficult times with those in our community. This includes having conversations with children about illness, tragedy, and death. When Indianapolis, Greenwood, North Salem, and Anderson families walk through our doors, they depend on us for encouragement during challenging moments; right now is… Read more »

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  • 5 Ways to Relieve Loneliness During a Quarantine
    Posted: 04/13/2020

    All across Indianapolis, Greenwood, Anderson, Pendleton, and Jamestown, people are spending their days inside waiting for the end of the COVID-19 crisis. Here at St. Pierre Family Funeral Home, we are doing our best to serve our community during this time of uncertainty. We know that many of you are separated from family, friends, and… Read more »

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  • 10 Affordable Ways to Make a Funeral More Personal
    Posted: 03/16/2020

    If you’ve ever attended a funeral that beautifully reflected the passions, hobbies, and personality of the person who died, you know how meaningful it can be for friends and family. At St. Pierre Family Funeral, we are experts at weaving unique touches throughout a funeral service, burial, and reception – and these details do not… Read more »

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