• How Social Media Can Affect the Way We Grieve
    Posted: 01/18/2023

    During our many years helping Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton families here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services, our staff has gained a lot of knowledge and understanding about the grieving process. We often hear that grief has no timetable – and this is something we’ve both seen and experienced ourselves. Grief is a personal journey that… Read more »

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  • Benefits of Building a Bucket List
    Posted: 01/13/2023

    When people hear the words “bucket list” they might first think of the 2007 film starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson. Some people might also associate a bucket list with death or people of a certain age. Putting together a bucket list can be helpful at any age. Our dedicated staff at Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service &… Read more »

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  • Personal Touches that Make Your Funeral Unforgettable
    Posted: 12/15/2022

    At St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services, we realize that each of our neighbors in Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton wants their loved one’s funeral to be an unforgettable experience. Adding personal touches to a funeral ensures your loved one’s celebration is both memorable and meaningful. Highlight the five senses. If a loved one had a favorite color, request… Read more »

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  • The Importance of Creating New Holiday Traditions After a Loss
    Posted: 12/14/2022

    We’ve talked with many Hoosiers here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services who describe a feeling of melancholy that settles in during late fall. Some call it an emptiness; others refer to it as a sense of dread. At the root, it’s a lingering sadness that a loved one has died and the… Read more »

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  • Special Ways to Remember Loved Ones on Thanksgiving
    Posted: 11/07/2022

    The holidays, especially family-focused celebrations like Thanksgiving, are some of the toughest times of the year if you’re grieving the death of a loved one. Meaningful traditions coupled with time spent with family and friends can bring back memories of that special person who’s no longer with you. At St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation… Read more »

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  • Is Cremation Right for You? Take our Quiz to Find Out!
    Posted: 11/03/2022

    Life is full of decisions big and small. There are decisions to make in the moment, like how to spend free time, what to eat for dinner, and whether to sample the candy you purchased for trick-or-treat. Then there are decisions that require time and consideration, like whether to change jobs, buy a new car,… Read more »

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  • Virtual Arrangement Checklist
    Posted: 10/10/2022

    Even though so many parts of life have turned upside-down over the last year, the wants and needs of families who have lost loved ones haven’t changed. In fact, it’s become even more apparent to our staff here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services just how important it is to plan and attend a funeral – either in person… Read more »

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  • 6 Ways to Find Grief Support in Nature
    Posted: 10/05/2022

    Many times, after losing a loved one, those who are grieving find themselves dealing with their loss in solitude. They find it easier to stay indoors watching TV, scrolling through social media, and ignoring incoming texts and phone calls. During a difficult time, it requires less energy to stay home than to go out and… Read more »

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  • How To Support Your Spouse After the Loss of a Parent
    Posted: 09/12/2022

    Losing a parent – no matter how old you are – is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Our caring team at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services sits down every day to plan funerals with Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton families who are grieving the death of their mother or father. We… Read more »

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  • 4 Ways Our Care Team Goes Above & Beyond
    Posted: 09/07/2022

    Someone you love is nearing death and you have to decide which funeral home to call – and fast. This is a situation many Indianans find themselves in every day. And this is why we’re writing this blog. Because if you or your friend or family member is facing a loss, we want you to know you can turn… Read more »

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