Cremation Q&A

For families in Greenwood, Indianapolis, and Pendleton, the choice of whether to have a traditional burial or cremation can be very personal. You have to take into consideration preferences, religious and cultural beliefs, and budget. At Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Services & Crematory, we believe, ultimately, you have decide what makes sense for you and your family.

With more people choosing cremation, it is important to be informed before making any decisions about funeral arrangements. If you are considering cremation, you might be unsure if you can have a visitation or funeral service with cremation. Perhaps you have questions about how it’s possible to create a meaningful, personalized service that still meets all your needs.

As the most preferred cremation provider in Johnson, Marion, and Madison Counties, our team at Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Services & Crematory can help you determine your cremation options. To help get you started, we have provided a Q&A to guide you through some of the most commonly asked questions about cremation.

Q. Why do people choose burial versus cremation?

A. An individual’s choice of burial over cremation is often based on family traditions and/or family beliefs. Often, this choice is directly related to one’s religion.

Q. Can there be a funeral with cremation?

A. Yes, based on the needs of the family. A family can decide where in the funeral process they want the cremation to occur. Cremation can occur immediately with no visitation, after a private visitation, or after a traditional visitation. State laws typically dictate a waiting period before cremation can occur. During this time, very close family and friends often request a final viewing. Our funeral directors can take care of any of your requests. The memorial service is a gathering which differs from a funeral only in that the deceased is not present. Clergy may be present to contribute verbal support or to offer a prayer. Other speakers can also preside.

Q. Can the body be present at a funeral with cremation?

A. Probably the biggest misconception about cremation is that there can be no funeral if cremation is chosen. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most people choosing cremation prefer to have a funeral with cremation afterwards. Many experts in the field of psychology recommend a funeral service as a way help with the grieving process. They feel the process helps loved ones move ahead with their lives following a loss.

Q: Does it matter if the funeral home owns its own crematory?

This is actually incredibly important. Many providers outsource their cremations to third parties, so while you may have researched your choice of funeral home, you have no idea what cremation provider is actually preforming the cremation. At Wilson. St. Pierre, we own and operate our own private crematory, so your loved one never leaves our care. We’re also the only provider in our area that offers the exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee, which involves a ten-step process ensuring your loved one is treated with dignity and respect and that the remains returned to you are, indeed, those of your loved one.

Q. Can you be cremated and go to a government cemetery?

A. Yes. A very common disposition choice for cremated remains is burial, also known as interment. In this way, family members can be placed to rest near one another, even if another family member has not chosen cremation. The gravesite provides a permanent location to visit on important occasions such as anniversaries and holidays. Burial can be in a cemetery space, urn garden, or private crypt. A columbarium niche is a similar choice for the person preferring cremation. The selected niche is identified with a nameplate listing dates of birth and death. The columbarium offers families a place to visit and remember on special holidays and other important times.

While there are many memorial options, the team at Wilson St. Pierre knows there is one that is perfect for you or your loved one. Contact us today, and we will help discover whether cremation is right for you.