How a Funeral Reception Helps Loved Ones Heal

We can’t tell you how many times people have told our staff at St. Pierre Family Funeral that attending their loved one’s funeral was a blur. That the time went by so quickly they didn’t have a chance to reflect or connect with family and friends.

Having attended countless funerals in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Pendleton, Anderson, and North Salem over the years, we definitely see how this happens. Many times, those attending a funeral are in shock. Even if they had time to prepare for the death of their loved one, it’s still is hard to comprehend that they’re gone. In the case of an unexpected death, those in attendance are often numb and haven’t been able to process their loss.

We are here to help families design a funeral that is highly personal and meaningful, with details reflective of their loved one. Time and time again, we see how valuable it is to gather after the funeral to share memories and a meal. The funeral brings everyone together – some of whom may not have seen each other for a long time – but it’s the reception where people are able to let down their guard to talk, laugh, cry, and reconnect in a more casual setting.

This is an opportunity to share treasured memories and hear how lives were touched by the person who meant so much. Many times, stories are told that the family hasn’t heard before, which enhances the time together.

If the thought of hosting an event along with a funeral is daunting, let us put your mind at ease. With St. Pierre, you don’t have to think about arranging a reception in your home or a local restaurant. We not only offer comfortable visitation rooms at our eight locations, but also a full reception area so families can gather without having to worry about restaurant reservations or cooking for a crowd. We know when you lose a loved one, the last thing you need is one more decision to make or event to arrange. We wanted to be able to handle every detail from beginning to end, and having our own catering facilities allows us to do that.

Think about serving your grandfather’s favorite Sunday dinner, or the cookies your aunt was known for baking every December. With St. Pierre, the options are nearly endless. We can arrange a casual meal or wine-and-dine your guests.

At its root, a reception brings everyone together in one room which aids the grieving process. This is where laughter and tears are shared, and conversation and connectedness occur. This is when healing begins.

Our staff is passionate about helping Indianapolis area families create one-of-a-kind final farewells to honor the memory of their loved one. Let us help you along the way.