How to Create the Perfect Video Tribute for Your Loved One’s Funeral

If there is one thing we have learned here at Wilson St. Pierre, it’s the importance funeral planning plays in the grief process. While this is certainly not easy for a person who is desperately missing a loved one, something happens when he/she starts making choices to personalize the funeral service. Our expert team knows the appropriate questions to ask and suggestions to make to help ease the stress of the situation.

We will ask you questions such as:

  • What were your loved one’s hobbies and interests?
  • Did he/she have a strong faith tradition?
  • What awards or professional accomplishments did he/she achieve?
  • Did he/she serve in the military?

We can find a way to work nearly anything that was meaningful to your loved one or your family into a service. Maybe your father was a big foodie; we can serve some of his favorite dishes at a reception. If your mother was a talented artist, we can display her creations at the visitation or service. Live or pre-recorded music can be featured to highlight the first dance song at your wedding, or a much-loved lullaby. These are the aspects that will help bring healing to your family.

Another great way to highlight your loved one’s life – particularly the connection to family and friends – is through featuring a video tribute. This personalized option is a montage of photos and even video footage of your loved one’s life. Set to special music and expertly edited, the video can be shown during the visitation and at the service.

Here are a few tips for putting together an unforgettable video tribute:

  • Reach out to close friends and family for help. Ask them to email you digital versions of their favorite photos of your loved one.
  • Look through your photo albums at home and select photos from every stage of life, if you have them. You might consider representing important members of the family as well. Perhaps a shot of your grandmother with her favorite cousin or her wedding portrait.
  • If you don’t have the photos digitized, it’s very easy to do with a home scanner. Or you can always reach out to our staff for help.
  • Facebook and other social media pages might be a great source for recent and candid photos that genuinely capture your loved one’s personality.
  • Video can also be used. With the availability of video cameras on smartphones, this is becoming an increasingly popular form of memorialization.
  • Think about a song or two that held meaning for your friend or family member, or that express the impact he/she had on you and the world.

Simply provide us with the photos and videos of your loved one you wish to share, and we will produce a video set to your favorite, most meaningful music.

Afterwards, it can be duplicated to distribute to your family and friends as keepsakes. This is an especially touching form of commemoration. Not only does this preserve your precious memories, it allows you to pass along the life of your loved one to new generations.

Reach out today to a caring member of our team to learn more about creating a video tribute – or producing one ahead of time if you’ve chosen to preplan with us.