How to Help a Friend Through the Grieving Process

A grieving friend needs someone to walk by his or her side through the process. You can help by not trying to heal or fix the situation; this is a time when listening means the most.
Most people are there to lend a hand right after the death has occurred, so your support will mean the most as time goes by. When you are mourning a loved one, day-to-day activities can be agonizing, so freeze meals that can be heated up whenever needed. Offer to help with laundry, grocery shopping, errands, or taking kids to after school activities. These little things can mean the world.
Don’t stop calling. Even though you may not know what you say, by calling you show you care. Honor your friend’s loss by sending cards or calling on anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or important dates.
Although your friend may think grief support groups or counseling is unnecessary, look up the information and give it to them. You friend might later change his or her mind and your research could be priceless.
For more help on how to help a friend cope with grief, call or drop by our office. We are always here to help you find resources.
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