How to Make a Veteran’s Funeral Special

Our staff at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services  agrees there is no greater honor than caring for veterans and their families. We will never forget moving moments like these: Soldiers presenting the folded American flag to a grieving family. A bugler playing Taps.  A three-gun volley fired by service members.

St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services  has a long history of honoring veterans  in and around Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton .

We’ve seen how our servicemen and women magnify the spirit of courage and national pride that sets our great country apart. During times of crisis and times of triumph, America’s heroes give so much to protect our American ideals of freedom, justice, and equality.

We hope it is evident that we take our responsibility to honor military men and women seriously – both in life and in death. We do this, in part, by making sure a veteran’s family knows about all of the honors and benefits they deserve. When it comes to making a veteran’s funeral special, consider these options:

Flag Draped: While in our care, we drape the veteran with an American flag to honor his or her service to our country.

Honor and Patriot Guard: A dedicated group of veterans may serve as honor guard to offer a final salute for any veteran entrusted to our care. The Patriot Guard (motorcycle riders who volunteer to escort a veteran’s procession) may also be used.

Presidential Memorial Certificate: We secure an official memorial certificate bearing the signature and seal of the President of the United States for the spouse or child of a veteran. This document further expresses recognition of the veteran’s dedication to his or her country.

Benefits: With a copy of your loved one’s Veteran’s Honorable Discharge, St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services  will immediately prepare necessary documentation to apply for veteran’s benefits. In some cases, spouses and dependent children may be eligible for benefits as well. Benefits may include:

  • American Flag
    Families may choose to place it in or drape it over the casket or have it present at a memorial service.
  • Military Honors
    Flag folding and presentation to next of kin, trumpeted Taps, color guard or military personnel pallbearers and a rifle volley may be available depending on the level of military honors earned.
  • National Cemetery Burial
    Many times the grave space, opening, and closing are included.
  • Grave Marker
    Usually made of bronze or granite, an official marker is often included.

Throughout our decades of helping Indianapolis  say goodbye to their loved ones, we have been privileged to arrange funerals highlighting military accomplishments.

When it’s time to pay tribute to the veteran in your life, or if you are a veteran and would like to put your funeral plans in place ahead of time, reach out to our caring team by phone, or stop by any of our locations. We are here ready to say thank you to the many brave men and women who have defended our freedom.