Importance Expressing Condolences Online

leave a condolence

Online condolences can be very comforting during your time of loss. Instead of friends and family merely reading about the death of a love one in the newspaper, online condolences allows you to write kind words, share memories, view pictures and even a video honoring your loved one’s life.


Many of us are moving at a million miles an hour, and traveling across the country to attend a funeral is sometimes not an option. By leaving a note you can remind the family how much this person meant to you and how they influenced your life. For example, a woman who just lost her father was comforted to see that a childhood friend who lived miles away and who she hadn’t spoken to in decades, wrote on the online condolences that her parents had been alcoholics growing up, so going to her parent’s house for family dinners were her best childhood memories. Learning online how her father had played a positive role in her friend’s life meant the world.


The online condolences allow for a pleasant, sweet surprise for family each time a new message is left even weeks after the funeral.