Is a Celebrant the Right Choice For You?

For St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services, part of providing excellent care to the people of Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton includes being able to serve the needs of all families. Our area is becoming increasingly diverse, and we are honored to serve a variety of people from different cultures, traditions, and religions. We know how to help anyone from any background create a meaningful tribute to their loved one. We also help people plan their own service, so they have control over how the story of their life is presented.

One of the ways we make sure we can serve everyone is by offering funerals led by a certified celebrant. While we serve many people of faith, some of our families either do not attend a place of worship regularly, or for whatever reason, do not want to have a traditional, religious funeral service. Celebrants are trained to create the most meaningful farewells through incorporating unique aspects that define who your loved one was. They are the perfect alternative for those who do not have a member of the clergy to perform their service.

We have a library of resources at our fingertips here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services so our experts can highlight stories, experiences, and memories. This might include:

  • Readings
  • Special music
  • Poetry
  • Ceremonies
  • Eulogies

Our resources give our celebrants the tools they need to help create a personalized tribute that truly tells either your loved one’s story, or your own, if you choose to preplan.

People of faith often choose to use a celebrant as well. While they may have a member of the clergy share a prayer or message, they may have other elements they’re including – like a special reading and personal eulogies from friends and family members. A celebrant is professionally trained and certified to act as a master of ceremonies of sorts, ensuring each element of the service is tied together seamlessly.

We see it time and time again – it’s those highly personalized touches that add meaning to a service, creating a healing experience for family and friends. Our celebrants will always exceed your expectations. They will spend the time it takes with you to glean those memories, anecdotes, and special moments to make the farewell perfect.

We invite you to reach out to our professional, compassionate team to learn more about whether or not a celebrant service is the right choice for you and your family.