It’s okay to bury Charlie in his bowling shirt.

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Telling the story of a life.

It’s possible that some people still think there are some things you can do at a funeral, and some things that just might not be “appropriate.” Certainly, a funeral service is a quiet, dignified time for families and friends to gather for support and reflection, but it is also a time to commemorate and celebrate the life that has been lived. Fortunately, today’s contemporary funeral traditions offer many opportunities for personalizing the funeral service, so that everyone who attends knows a little more about the person who has died. So if you want to bury Charlie in his bowling shirt, we are here to help.

It’s a fact that over half the people who attend a funeral do not know the deceased well. Most attendees are friends of the family, or co-workers, there to lend support. But gradually, funeral customs have begun to truly commemorate the profession, interests, and hobbies of the person who has died. When families personalize a funeral, it brings deep new meaning and greater comfort to everyone who attends.

None of us play just one role, like a teacher, or gardener, or military veteran. There is much more to our lives than that. We are each the total of all the places we’ve been, all the people we’ve known, and all the things we’ve done. In short, we all have a story. Today, funeral services allow you to tell those wonderful stories in deeply meaningful ways.

Personalization is a relatively new tradition in funeral service, so families are concerned about several matters. They often ask if personalization increases the cost of the service. The answer is generally no. Many of the ways you can personalize a funeral costs nothing. While there may be additional costs for engraving or some special services, those costs are minimal considering the value they add to the service.

Some are concerned that including many personal details will make the service overwhelming, or even “strange.” The purpose of personalization is to let people know about the life of the person who has died, but you may incorporate as much or as little personal detail as you wish. You will always be the best judge of how much detail to include.

Of course, some religions have certain rituals that are observed at all funeral services. Since we are well-versed in the customs and traditions of all major faiths and cultural groups, we can assist you with these important considerations.

Many times, a family will hesitate to ask us about special requests, because of concerns that they may be a bit out of the ordinary. Some people may have quite unique wishes, such as becoming part of a living ocean reef, or having their remains shot into space on a rocket (yes, we can arrange that). Whether you’re considering special clothing (like that bowling shirt or sports jersey), special music, or even a special location for the service, we welcome your special requests, and will do all we can to incorporate the things that help you remember “the story of a lifetime.”