The Importance of Family Portraits

When we were younger, our mothers made sure we had a picture of everything: our first step, our first day of school, our first date, our baseball team winning 1st place, our graduation. Our accomplishments and memories were well documented.

But as we age and our own kids have flown the nest, life takes over and we don’t take the time to capture the moment. We need to remember to take a second to record where we are in life and those around us.

One way to do this is by having a professional portrait taken. In years to come, this picture will be a treasured memory to look back on in a photo album, in a presentation at a memorial service, or in a place of honor on the wall. It is important to document your life throughout all parts so your grandchildren or friends you meet later in life can look back and remember the person they knew and loved.

Gathering the whole family for a photo might even become an annual tradition.   Even capturing the moments of day to day living is important.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and once a loved one is gone there is no greater treasure than a picture which captures her beautiful black hair, his goofy smile, his Paul Newman blue eyes, or the way he held her in his arms. Do yourself and your family a favor and gather your loved ones together for a photo that will one day mean the world.