Top 10 Reasons to Preplan your Burial Arrangements

Have you ever considered where you want your final resting place to be located? While thinking about your end-of-life details is not always easy, putting your preferences in writing is one of the most important steps you can take for your future. By making these choices ahead of time, such as whether you would prefer a traditional burial or cremation, you can alleviate the burden from your family.

At St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services, we have seen firsthand how preplanning  burial arrangements can bring about peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Our caring team is here to work with you to develop a plan that meets all of your wishes. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should preplan your burial arrangements.

  1. You will have plenty of time to think through your options. Rather than your family making a hurried decision, you can consider every choice with great care and make sure you have the burial arrangement that you truly want.
  2. You can secure a burial plot or other burial location. You can choose the perfect spot that is meaningful to you, without worrying about whether it will still be available years from now.
  3. You can arrange any complicated burial details, such as wanting your final resting place to be in a different state or with your family. These details can be time-consuming, and your family may not be able to work through them quickly enough. Preplanning allows you to reduce the chance for complications when it comes time for your burial arrangements.
  4. You can add personal details to your burial arrangement. Maybe you want a custom-engraved casket or a certain type of urn. When you plan ahead of time, you can ensure a personalized burial arrangement.
  5. You will decrease family conflict. Under times of stress, your family may have a hard time agreeing about what you might have wanted. Eliminate this possibility by putting your burial plans in place for when the time comes.
  6. You will allow your family time to grieve and heal rather than having to focus on the details of your burial arrangements. Think about how much easier it will be on your loved ones to focus on honoring you rather than working out details about your arrangements.
  7. You can reduce the cost for your family. If you choose to pre-pay when you preplan, you alleviate the financial burden from your loved ones in the future. This can also prevent any overspending that might occur from your family making plans during times of duress.
  8. You don’t have to pre-pay – it is free to preplan your burial arrangements. We will keep a record of your wishes at no cost to you. If you decide you want to pre-pay later in life, you always have the option to change your plans.
  9. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have done everything you can to prepare for your future. You are also giving your loved ones the gift of peace of mind when it comes time for your burial arrangements.
  10. You will get the burial that you want. When you preplan, you can be confident that your arrangements will be according to your wishes.

In our years of serving families in the Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Pendleton community, we have never had anyone experience second thoughts about planning their arrangements. With the support of our helpful professionals, preplanning is a simple and straightforward process. You have the power to design the burial that meets your wishes.

There is no better time to begin planning your burial arrangements. Reach out to us today – we are always here for you.