Trustworthy Funeral Services in Pendleton, IN

At our family-owned and -operated funeral home, we take pride in offering exceptional funeral services to our neighbors in Pendleton and the surrounding area interested in preplanning a cremation. When you plan a funeral or cremation with St. Pierre Family Funeral Homes, there are a variety of service options available to fit every budget. We prioritize the individual needs of every family and recognize that each one requires a unique service. For this reason, we prioritize personalization across all our offerings.

Personalization Options

We are honored to help every family tell their loved one’s unique life story. We understand that every story needs to be told differently, and we look forward to helping you tell yours. Choose from a variety of personalization options, including casket customization, special floral arrangements, and a memorable video tribute. A catered reception is a great way to incorporate your loved one’s personality. You may choose to decorate one of our spacious and inviting reception spaces in your loved one’s favorite color or serve their favorite dish. The options for personalization at our Pendleton funeral home are endless.

Preplanning a Cremation or Funeral with Us

If you are not in immediate need but would like to take advantage of our preplanning services, there is no time better than today. Preplanning a cremation or funeral lets you get your wishes down in writing and ensures their safekeeping until the day they are needed. Taking the pressure of planning off your loved ones gives them peace of mind and clarity when it comes to your funeral service.

Contact Us

For questions about planning or preplanning a cremation or funeral, give us a call at 800-891-3607. Our qualified funeral professionals will provide more information and answer any questions you may have about our available services. We are here to serve you and your family.