Weddings and funerals: unique celebrations of love and life


If you think that traditional funeral services have to be solemn and, to some extent, cookie-cutter, you may want to reconsider.  In much the same way that a wedding is a grand celebration of holy matrimony, a funeral can be a memorable celebration of your loved one’s life.  Whether it is an intimate gathering of close family and friends, or a large, public gathering, there are many ways to customize a funeral to create just the right tribute.  Many people choose to plan in advance so that everything will already be in place when the time comes.

When planning the specifics of the service, we can help guide you through all the choices.  In this way, our funeral directors serve a function similar to that of a wedding coordinator.

Your first task is to select the music.  In much the same way that music serves to set the mood at a wedding, the funeral music you select will set the tone for the entire service.  Are you trying to soothe and/or inspire those in attendance?  Do you want to evoke specific memories by playing a favorite song or genre of music?  You want to select music that is meaningful and will help those in attendance as they begin to move through the healing process.

Flowers and memorabilia can also help to set the mood at the funeral.  At a wedding, flowers are used to create an atmosphere of ambiance and romance, signifying love the couple will share in the future.  Similarly, brightly-colored flowers that are displayed at the service can help to lighten the mood, while also signifying love and respect for the deceased.  A memory table or memory board on which to place special remembrances, photographs and other memorabilia is also a nice touch.  A video tribute, with photos of the deceased set to music, can also be created and shown during the visitation or service.

Just as candles are often used in a wedding ceremony, a candle lighting ceremony at a funeral service can hold special meaning for the family as they honor their loved one.  Other special touches can include a butterfly, dove or balloon release, a teddy bear ceremony for children, a sand ceremony, a motorcycle hearse… there are endless possibilities to create a fitting tribute.

Along the same lines as a wedding favor, you might also want to consider creating a memorial folder, which will serve as a special remembrance for those in attendance.  This could include a picture with birth and death dates, a poem, or possibly a favorite Bible verse.  Engraved pocket stones can also be a nice memento for guests.

Remember, every funeral is unique.  Stop by anytime for a tour of any of our facilities and see how we can help you create the perfect service for you or your loved one:

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