Why a Permanent Memorial is Always Important

Many Indianapolis and Central Indiana families find that cremation meets their family’s needs best. Even if cremation is your loved one’s choice, we always try to stress the importance of establishing a permanent memorial for a loved one. We have found this can be very helpful to the grieving and healing process. An enduring honor to a family member or friend gives those who loved them – and future generations – a place to connect and pay their respects after they’re gone.

At Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service & Crematory, there are many meaningful memorialization options available with cremation – even if you decide to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains in a meaningful location. We can make it possible for you to scatter a portion of the cremated remains, while saving the rest to preserve in a piece of beautiful keepsake jewelry or in an urn that can be displayed in your home. You might also choose to bury a portion of the cremated remains at a local cemetery or place them in a mausoleum. Some even choose to have a part of the remains become a part of a living reef or launched into space. We can make all of these things happen at Wilson St. Pierre.

Another option is a columbarium niche. This wall of recessed spaces holds specifically designed urns of different styles and sizes. Some columbarium niches allow space for personal items and have enough space for multiple urns, so you can keep your family together for generations to come.

One very meaningful expression we have seen some families make is dedicating trees, plants, or other meaningful items in honor of a loved one. If your father enjoyed sitting outside and enjoying nature, perhaps a bench dedicated to him at a park would be a special tribute. If your grandmother loved roses, planting a rose bush in her honor would be lovely. Come see the memorialization experts at Wilson St. Pierre. We can help introduce you to our various memorialization options available.