Let’s ‘Paws’ for a Moment

At St. Pierre Family Funeral Homes we understand that pets are an important part of our family and our lives.  They provide us with loving companionship, safety and security, entertainment, and more.  Pets become a member of our family, and as with all family members, losing one can be an extremely stressful and sorrowful time.

Every loss has an emotional impact, and that’s why it’s important for loving pet owners to find an appropriate way to say goodbye.

From time to time families ask if we are able to assist with the loss of a pet

After the loss of a pet, it can be difficult to decide what to do with your pet’s remains—burial or cremation?  For some families’ burial is the right option.  This can be done as simply as in your own backyard where you can place a small headstone or memorial, if you so choose.  You should be aware that, unless you live in a rural area some localities may prohibit pet burials in your backyard, or may impose special requirements, such as ensuring the hole is deep enough to discourage scavengers or requiring the body be placed in special containers.

Other families may choose cremation, as this often saves the family the pain of dealing with their pet’s remains themselves.   There are typically two options for cremations: a private cremation (which is more costly but ensures your pet is cremated alone), or a group cremation (which occurs when multiple family pets are cremated simultaneously).  When grouped, most crematories will use dividers to keep the animals separate, but you may want to specifically ask about the process before making a final decision.  After cremation, your pet’s remains are placed in an urn.  Decorative urns can be kept in your possession or placed in a niche at a pet cemetery of your choosing.  You may also choose to scatter the remains in a sentimental location.  Again, you should choose the best option for your family.

Here are just a few pet cemeteries in the greater Indianapolis area specializing in pet cremation and burial services:

There are many reputable pet cemeteries in our area that can, and will, provide you with the quality care and services you and your pet deserve. St. Pierre is proud to be a supporter for the humane treatment of animals and animal rights