Preplanning in tough economic times

Many families are hesitant to make an investment for future funeral expenses, particularly in tough economic times.  Many are focused on taking care of more immediate expenses such as healthcare, housing and education.  However, even a brief look at the benefits of funeral pre-planning shows that it is a sound investment, both for your own sake and for those of your loved ones.

There are two primary reasons to pre-plan your funeral.  One reason is that pre-planning your funeral can save you and/or your loved ones a significant amount of money.  When you pre-plan you are able to carefully choose final arrangements within your budget.  Also, you can chose between a range of pre-payment options.  Particularly in today’s economy, making a down payment and monthly payments on funeral expenses may be the answer to many situations where money will inevitably be an issue.

When you choose to pre-pay for your funeral, there are two types of investments you can make.  Your money can be safely secured in a trust, which may earn interest over time and thus cover the cost of inflation, or you can purchase a pre-need insurance policy that will cover your final expenses.  Either way, pre-planning is a safe investment that will be there for you when you need it.

The second reason to pre-plan your funeral, aside from the financial benefits, is that when you pre-plan your funeral you will inevitably be saving your loved ones a great deal of stress and rushed decision-making.  Rather than leaving your loved ones with the painful and oftentimes difficult responsibility of planning your final memorial tribute, you will be able to make sure that things are exactly the way you want them after your passing.

Funeral pre-planning is a wise practice that’s becoming increasingly accepted and appreciated.  Vince Smith & Heather McMean, our Pre-Planning Specialists, are available to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions.  Stop by or call us anytime to discuss options for pre-planning your final arrangements.

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