Proud to Fly the Flag

As we have young men and women fighting for freedom overseas, the words “You’re a grand ole’ flag, you’re a high flying flag” have never rung so true. As Americans, we can be proud of what our country stands for, proud of the accomplishments our countrymen have achieved, proud of the brave men and women who have fought for our rights, and proud to live in a land that is free.

Our nation’s flag is the symbol of these freedoms and achievements.  Whether it is on your storefront or on your front door, an American flag can demonstrate your patriotism for our country. As July 4th is upon us, it is easy to pull out a flag and show our neighbors and friends our American spirit, but keep in mind it takes more to wave the flag high all year long.

There is a proper flag etiquette that many Americans may not be aware of. You should never let the flag touch the ground, and it should be taken inside at sunset, unless it has a light shining on it. The raising and lowering of the flag should be done in a quick, efficient manner. Once the flag is down it should immediately be folded and put away. A flag should be replaced once it becomes faded, tattered or torn. The old flag should be burned in a respectful manner. Our funeral home offers to burn old, worn flags in our crematorium, which is an acceptable practice for disposal.

We also can honor our veterans by implementing a flag ceremony into the funeral.  At your request, our funeral home will arrange American soldiers to present a loved one with a folded American flag in appreciation from the president and all the citizens of the United States for the deceased’s service for this great country. This touching tribute allows everyone to recognize the deceased’s bravery and remember their accomplishments, while also giving loved ones a very special treasure to remember the deceased by. This flag can then be placed in a glass case to display in your home with other memorabilia from that unforgettable person’s life.

All Americans have an opportunity to display their patriotism by flying the flag high and proud. “And forever in peace may you wave.”

Display the Flag