What Do Funeral Directors Do?

When members of our professional staff here at St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services meet someone new and mention working at a funeral home, you can imagine there are all kinds of reactions – and all kinds of questions.

How did we get into this line of work? Do we enjoy it? Does it ever get depressing? What kinds of responsibilities do we have?

We’re always available to talk to our friends and neighbors in the Indianapolis area, as we understand that we play a significant role during challenging times in people’s lives.

Working in the funeral industry – and especially at a funeral home owned and operated by a family – is much more than a job to us. It is our calling, and we are honored to help families in our community after a loss. Whether you come to us to plan a funeral, burial or cremation, or perhaps to put your own funeral plans in place, our team is the friendliest and most caring you’ll ever meet.

When it comes to our role as funeral directors, what do our day-to-day responsibilities look like?  In short, we walk alongside the family or close friends to arrange numerous details of the funeral from beginning to the end. Here’s a rundown.


Before the funeral service, there is often a visitation, giving family and friends an opportunity to pay their respects in a setting similar to an open house. The funeral director works with the family to figure out logistics (date, time, location, whether their loved one will be present), and is on hand to answer questions and make sure the timing runs smoothly.


For the funeral itself, the director consults with clergy or a celebrant and assists with the order of service. There are many details involving flowers, eulogies, music, and readings. Funeral directors also make arrangements with the funeral home, church, chapel, or venue of choice.


When it comes to burial options, the funeral director presents options to the family and helps them make decisions regarding cremation, traditional burial, and final resting place. The choice of cremation or burial is a very important one based on personal, religious, or societal beliefs. In some cases, preferences are known before death, but in others, family members must make this decision.


If the family holds a reception after the funeral, the director helps select a location. For those who choose to meet at one of our St. Pierre Family Funeral & Cremation Services locations, the funeral director will work with our staff to manage the details of food and drink, including buffet sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and beer and wine.

Personal Details

There are many personal touches a family can include, and the funeral director is in charge of presenting these options and taking care of the details. From a customized casket and complimentary video tribute to memorial folders, a memorial portrait, or candle lighting ceremony, there are countless ways to make a service extra special. These signature services are unique to St. Pierre and the funeral director is in charge of following through with the many ways we help a family through a difficult time. Funeral directors also coordinate funeral transportation, help prepare obituary notices, and handle the paperwork involved with a death.

As you can probably imagine, working as a funeral director is definitely not a “9-to-5” kind of commitment. We are available around the clock all hours of the day and night.

When someone dies, we come. When a family needs our assistance, we’re at the ready. We will drop what we’re doing to help others because we are so passionate about walking alongside families. Like we said before, helping families is more of a calling to us than a job and we can’t imagine doing anything else.

We hope you find this information helpful and that when our assistance is needed, you’ll pick up the phone to call us. We give our full care and attention, so you can focus your attention on those around you. Our care team would be honored to help you and your family every step of the way.